Thursday, February 7, 2013

jicama homefries

These actually didn't turn out to be awesome - but I love the idea! I got the recipe out of the Well-Fed Paleo cookbook (free sample here). I think the recipe would have worked if I'd followed it better but I was multitasking and my crockpot ran dry. Basically, you cube the jicama and then put it in your crockpot for 24 hours with water. Then drain and saute on the stove with onion, oil, salt and pepper, and whatever else you'd put in homefries. 

They look surprisingly like the potato version and have a decent texture. I imagine they'd be heaven to someone who hasn't eaten potatoes in a really long time. But currently, that's not me. I will say, I love the cookbook it comes from. It's very practical and the section at the beginning talks about setting up your paleo kitchen and how to streamline processes - it was really useful information for me. I haven't actually made many recipes out of it but I have changed my weekly methods based on the book - for the better.

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