Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pipe Cleaner Toys

Well I haven't done much cooking lately - more on that later - but this afternoon the Monkey and I put together these pipe cleaner toys for a busy bag exchange I'm doing next week. There ended up being 21 people that signed up! So I'm going to get a ton of fun little games to keep the kids occupied. Which is perfect timing because we'll be going to Boise next weekend and they'll need something new and exciting to help them survive the 15 hour car ride. Sheesh.

Anyway, these are super simple and my kids have not been able to leave them alone. Our toy was non-stop fun for the whole of church last week for both kids. It was pretty great.

Just get any container with a plastic lid. Punch holes in the lid. Use markers to color reinforcements with coordinating colors to the pipe cleaners you have. Stick reinforcements over holes. Fill container with fuzzy pipe cleaners. The kids are 'supposed' to match the colors and poke the pipe cleaners down the corresponding holes but for some reason just taking the pipe cleaners in and out of the container has been hours of fun.

Also, I bought a bag of 50 lids because that's how they came and holy cow - stacking plastic lids is apparently the best game ever. I may just go get another $5 bag of lids. They loved those things.

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