Thursday, June 14, 2012

Simple Salad Epiphany

This was my lunch today. And it was amazingly filling. Simple salad greens, boiled egg, avocado, crispy walnuts, and some heirloom tomato I found at Mother's yesterday. It's a little early still but it smelled right and it tasted pretty good. The tomato. The salad as a whole was very satisfying.

I read this book a few nights ago called How to Cook Without a Book. I got a lot of good ideas out of it but the biggest change so far is that I have removed making salad dressing from my list of duties. I like to eat salads but I always dread making the dressings. I don't have a good reason for this. They're not hard. They just seem like one more thing that I don't want to deal with while making dinner.

Anyway, no more. Now I simply drizzle some olive oil over my greens, grind a little salt and a lot of pepper onto them, and massage them well with my (clean) fingers. Then I sprinkle some acid over the top (half a lemon of juice, or some red wine vinegar) and I'm done. If I add a lot of toppings after that, I like to add some more pepper on the top again. The technique in the book has you add the toppings before the massage step but I don't like it that way.

The couple of people I've told my exciting no-dressing shortcut news to actually already do it this way. So I guess I'm slow to join the club but seriously, I feel such a relief that I don't have to stop dinner prep to make a vinaigrette anymore. Hopefully this means we'll be eating more salads!

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