Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GAPS Birthday Party

Well this is a terrible picture but I didn't get any good ones - I was having too much fun! The Monkey (irl Alice), wanted a party for her 4th Birthday. I thought a Tea Party would be really fun. And yes, I even got her an 'Alice' dress to wear (you're only 4 once).

I made fresh apple juice for the 'tea'. They used toothpicks to pick up the strawberries, grapes, nitrate-free ham (slices were halved and then folded into triangles), and organic string cheese (that had been sliced into little rounds). We filled up the sugar bowl of the tea set with dates and filled the two cream containers with crispy nuts and dried strawberries.

Each little girl also had a personal serving of chocolate creme. I made this recipe for chocolate frosting and then mixed in coconut cream (chill two cans of full fat coconut milk, then scrape off the top 2/3rds of solidified 'cream'). For individual serving cups I used 4 oz mason jars. They were cute and gave the girls a reason to use the spoon that comes with the tea set.

For the 'cake', I made mini carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting (I used labneh for the cream cheese but it was pretty drippy). The Monkey had a regular sized muffin with candles in it when it was time to sing and we did a bigger pancake-sized cake for her family birthday party that I'd made with leftover batter from the muffins.

We had 6 girls at the table (including Alice). I bought this tea set as a present for her and then we borrowed the other two place settings and teapot and cream container from a friend who had a gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake set. 

The girls seemed to really enjoy the party. We decorated party hats first but most didn't choose to wear them to the table (maybe they would have if I'd made these instead). We helped them get started at the table with a serving of everything and then left them to themselves - which is when the giggling got going. After the tea party, we opened presents and then put on some music for a dance party. It lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. 

It was very fun and honestly not that much work to put on. I think keeping it small helped that a lot. I'm mostly just so proud that I put on a good party that was also GAPS friendly. Next year though, I'm making the real carrot cake recipe. Um, boy.

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