Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cardamom Cupcakes (GAPS)

I made these cupcakes for the Baby Boy's birthday. The frosting was a failed attempt at marshmallow creme. It worked brilliantly the first time I made it but this time it didn't fluff up. It still tasted good, but not at all like marshmallows. My kitchen scale needs a new battery so I think I just didn't use enough honey.

The better news is that the cupcakes were great. They were V's favorite version of a coconut flour cupcake/muffin. A close second are the honey buttered ones. Most of the rest of my coconut flour attempts are failures - they usually just taste like eggs. I will definitely be making these again though - as soon as I get some more cardamom. And find the ground stuff. It took for-e-ver to get all enough of the spice out of the pods.

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