Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poached Eggs and Day 8

Poached eggs for breakfast put me in a much better mood for most of the day. It was really nice. And I fit into my skinny jeans today so that also improved my outlook on this whole diet thing. I crashed (as in felt super tired) by 3pm today but it was because I wasn't drinking my broth. Tomorrow I'm going to have broth warming in the crockpot all day so that it's no big deal to just drink some warm broth whenever I get crabby. Broth is pretty much what makes this 'GAPS' instead of some other 'crazy diet'. I think.

Back to the poached eggs - they were amazing. They tasted soooo good. And I am more than a little excited about how awesome my method for poaching worked. You may recall that I have previously used ramekins in my pan (don't click on that link if you're currently on GAPS. just don't.). Anyway, it occurred to me this morning that I could try out my new 4 oz mason jars instead of the ramekins.

I fit 8 of the mason jars into the same pan that I'd previously fit 5 ramekins into. I wiped the insides with ghee and cracked an egg into each one. Topped with salt and pepper and placed in a pan that already had water in it. Covered with lid and cooked until desired firmness. The most amazing part was taking them out. They literally came right out - I didn't even go around them with a knife. No hassle at all. Seriously. And here's a picture of just after I popped them all out:

Can you even believe how clean they are? I am so amazed. I put these into the dishwasher as-is. Honestly the pain of scrubbing my ramekins was the limiting factor on how often we ate poached eggs. Now we can have them anytime! I'm really excited about this. And making 8 per batch means I only need to make one batch for my family's breakfast. Plus, they come out looking extra tall. V suggested we make deviled eggs with them once we can do mayo. They'd be really cool looking.

It was all downhill after breakfast today though. But breakfast was really nice at least. I made a big menu plan on my whiteboard this afternoon that will get me thru the hard part. Which feels like a relief. I'm starting phase 3 tomorrow with avocados. Very exciting. I'll post my menu plan if we actually end up sticking to it. Things still feel very much day to day as far as what I can handle thinking about:

"Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof." 3 Nephi 13:34

The menu: poached eggs (yay!), yogurt and honey for everyone but me, cauliflower soup and leftover salmon, broth, squash bake (food processed squash, eggs, chicken, onion, garlic, salt and baked at 350' for 45 minutes. not good.) with bubbie's pickles and sauerkraut (the actual veggies this time, not just the juice.)

The prep: did a ton of dishes today - they'd been piling up like crazy. and some quick grocery shopping. and cleaned out the fridge - freezed that chicken from all of the stock making. no stock going right now actually. I'm out of chicken backs (went thru 18 lbs in 1 week! but I've ordered more). And I do have enough stock to get us thru at least 4-5 more days, especially since I have a ton of cauliflower soup made up already.

The tip: the Monkey drinks her broth smoothie (broth plus raw egg) without complaint now *as long as I* count for her while she drinks it thru her straw. It happened by accident one night. I think I told her to see how much she could drink while I counted to 4 because she'd been staring it down for a really long time. Well, it totally worked. And tonight she wanted me to count to twenty-eleven while she drank her 'broth smoovie'. haha. Basically, she picks a number and I count while she drinks. And if there's more, she picks a different number or I do the same number or I just start counting and stop randomly. For whatever reason, it's working like magic to get her to drink her broth. Also, she's decided she loves sauerkraut. Which is awesome.

The tmi: still having constipation issues so I scheduled a colonic. I'm so nervous! But everyone I've known that has done it said it was a good thing. Also, while clicking around after watching youtube colonic movies, I found out about the squatty potty! I need one. Now. Just can't quite bring myself to pay their $12 shipping. Gah. I hate shipping costs on principle. Amazon prime has set the bar high.

One more GAPS day down :)


  1. I have heard AMAZING things about colonics. Apparently flushing your system of all those toxins helps to improve your mood too! I have been wanting one. Probably just wait until I'm done nursing Thing 2 though. You are making broth sound really tasty...I might use that to help with my mid-afternoon crazy munchies. :)

  2. And your eggs look so yummy! :-D I'm going to try this mason jar technique.

  3. Yeah, they don't let you have one if you're prego or nursing. And head up - my 2nd time using the jars wasn't nearly as clean coming out. Not a disaster, just not flawless. So I need to use more ghee I think. Good luck!