Monday, May 14, 2012

Intro GAPS Day 6

It's starting to feel hard now. Not like I'm going to quit - just that it feels hard. The novelty of the broth has worn off. My cycle of soups is starting to get old. And we're just ready to start eating more 'real' foods. Mentally, anyway. Physically, I think we've got a solid week left of the rough intro phases.

The good news is that we're into Phase 2. So that's something. And we're all seeing some nice improvements - skin, behavior, food aversions, sinus drain, and the inevitable weight loss isn't a bad side effect either. I feel like things will be a ton easier by about Sunday when we should be able to start in on nut pancakes. It sounds like a long week between now and then at the moment but last week went by pretty quickly so I can hope that the same will happen this week.

The menu: water with lemon until noon (shouldn't have waited so long to eat but I got distracted). broth smoothie. squash soup with chicken. fresh homemade applesauce for the kids. broth. boiled hamburger patties with cooked carrots and kraut juice. water.

The prep: more broth. applesauce. dishes. hamburger patties and cooked carrots. I really should deal with the pile of boiled chicken that's amassing in my fridge. I'll probably just freeze it but it will take some doing to get it packaged into usable portions.

The distraction: I did appreciate having the Monkey's swimming lessons to get us out of the house this morning. And I got totally lost in a book all afternoon - which was fantastic. Diablo III comes out tomorrow so V will have a nice distraction too. We have a lot of food as entertainment habits to overcome to make this work long-term but I'm confident that things will seem much more doable once we're out of Intro.

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