Saturday, May 12, 2012

Intro GAPS Day 4

Well things aren't getting easier yet but I'm feeling more confident in my willpower to stick with it. Honestly if it were just me doing this in a vacuum, I think it would be pretty easy. The problem is that there are three other people that I'm bringing along with me on the journey (who don't like the food) and I still have to go to the grocery store (with the Monkey asking for everything we pass) and give up social events that center around food (2 this week alone). Those things still seem really hard. But I really don't mind the food regimen, personally. I expected to be craving sugar like crazy and I'm not. It still sounds delicious, but it's not driving me insane like I though it would.

I made a simple squash soup today with kabocha squash. I had previously baked and scooped out the squash and had it ready to go in a ziploc. So I just added it to the pan with some chicken stock and salt and blended it with the stick blender. It has a surprising amount of flavor just like that. V likes ginger in the butternut squash soup so I'm going to try it in this one as well but I think the kabocha flavor would go really well with a bunch of roasted garlic in it (once I can roast my garlic again - hello phase 3!).

Oh, and notice the 2 qt mason jar that it's in. I bought 6 of those with my last Azure order and I can't believe I waited so long to convert. Seriously - love them. Also, if you don't already do this - use a wet erase pen on the mason jar lids to label them. I used permanent marker for a long time before figuring that one out.

The Monkey's 'Milkshake'
Baby boy seems to be doing much better now that he has some finger foods to eat (steamed salmon, boiled carrots and broccoli, boiled chicken). He's only had one container of yogurt today so that's a huge improvement. I felt worse about so much repetition in his diet until I realized that some kids his age live on cheerios and goldfish. The Monkey asked for a milkshake today made with milk and yogurt. I told her it wouldn't taste very good but she was still insistent. So as a reward for finishing her lunch (broth with raw egg 'smoothie' and chicken), I made her a milkshake. And she was super excited about it. Her Daddy convinced me to add a teeny bit of honey to it as well. Like 1/2 tsp. Teeny. But it made it that much more thrilling.

I've decided I'm done with the kids being on Intro at this point. I'm seeing behavioral and food phobia improvements with the Monkey already so that's encouraging. But I also feel like I'm making it harder on them than it needs to be. They don't have serious symptoms to begin with and they heal quickly because they're little. I'm still only introducing one new item a day and I'm going to use them as rewards for drinking their broth but I'm not going to feel guilty about them eating foods that aren't on our current phase. Tomorrow will be carrot juice, Monday will be applesauce, and then I think I'll do blueberries or something to put in the 'milkshake'. We'll see.

The Menu: water and lemon until 10. broth with garlic and kraut juice. kobocha squash soup, boiled chicken, boiled carrots. milkshakes for kids. broth. steamed salmon and broccoli again with a little squeeze of lemon.

The Prep: more broth forwarding. and i made the squash soup. but that took like 5 minutes of effort. I did do a bunch of grocery shopping over the last two days. and ordered more chicken backs because we're going thru them at a prodigious rate. researching more natural shampoo options - i bought stuff to make a homemade shampoo bar and a different brand (beautiful curls) to look up on skin deep.

The Equipment: I have three crock-pots and have been using all of them for broth nonstop until now. Today I have the smaller one just keeping our finished broth hot so that it's more convenient to have a little bit thruout the day without washing a pan or getting another one dirty. I really like the convenience of that so far.  I may invest in a large 12 hour thermos for a no-energy solution to that at a later point. We'll see. Also, I've decided that straws are indispensable for the kiddos. It really makes a huge difference to the Monkey that she gets to use a straw. And it's a lot easier for me to feed Baby Boy with a straw than to constantly be washing sippy cup lids. We're going thru them quickly but they're a cheap thrill that makes mealtime a little more bearable.

The Whine: Can Trader Joe's PLEASE stock organic apples already? Seriously, I feel like they're only there half the time I go. And they're one of the main things I go there to get cause they're sooo cheap. And they're little enough to fit in my juicer. And why does there have to be a recall on my raw milk this week??? A month from now, fine, but now? Gah. The FDA needs to quit harassing my raw milk producers. Seriously.


  1. It sounds soooo difficult! I am already hungry for you...but I'm just prego sooo I'm always hungry! I can't believe the kids are doing so well on GAPS!! I would have thought meal times would have been temper tantrum times. Yikes. But I am glad it is easier than you were anticipating. ;)

  2. Thanks guys. Seriously, pep talks help :) And yeah, I'm also completely amazed that meals aren't tempter tantrum manias. She's actually not had a single meltdown since we started. It's amazing with all of the restrictions going on. She does keep telling random strangers that we're on the GAPS diet though or asking if they're on a diet. haha. Awkward.

  3. HAHAHA!!!!!!!! Awesome... That would be so awkward. "Are you on a diet?" HA!