Friday, May 11, 2012

Intro GAPS Day 3

I probably won't keep up the daily log for long but I think the beginning days seemed so overwhelming in my imagination that I'd like to journal their reality for my reference.

Today is going pretty well. I am starting to worry about the kid's caloric intake tho. The Monkey is still not eating much other than broth. I added egg yolk to the kids' broth this morning and called it a "broth smoothie" - which I thought was genius on my part. They both drank it up. She will eat broccoli soup and a few pieces of chicken but won't touch anything else yet. I'm planning on moving them forward with soft boiled eggs tomorrow, carrot juice the next day, and applesauce the day after as long as they keep drinking their broth.

They don't have severe symptoms and the Dr. said most kids can go straight to full gaps anyway so I'm just not willing to enforce phase 1 for very long with them. Plus, I'm feeling more confident in my ability to feed them food that I can't eat yet without cheating.

I have modified it so they can both have raw milk and yogurt so maybe that's why they're not thrilled about all of the foods yet. The Monkey is getting pretty hungry so maybe that will encourage her to eat more. We'll see. She's started to negotiate for raw carrots rather than muffins though - so that's progress. I compromised by cooking the carrots half way to mush instead of all the way. She didn't touch them. I thought they were delicious - though not strictly on phase one for me. And I want to say that she's been a total champ about the whole thing - no tantrums, just lots of negotiation. I'm really proud of how well she's handling herself emotionally.

Baby Boy is much more black and white about what he'll put in his mouth. I just keep rotating thru all of hte options as he rejects them and eventually, he'll go for one thing or another. Often, he'll reject the first offer of broth but then gulp it down (thru a straw) after he's had a few bites of something else. So I just keep rotating thru the broth, milk, and soup for the meal. He enjoyed the carrots for lunch and usually eats some meat as well. If nothing's going very well, I break out the yogurt. Which he puts down with no problem.

For my part, I'm actually more committed to staying on phase 1 a full 5 days than I was when I started ( says most people without severe symptoms do 1-3 days of phase 1). This is mostly because I don't want to do this again anytime soon, but also because it's honestly not as awful as I thought it would be. I guess I've been dreading phase 1 for long enough that my expectations were significantly low enough to make it not seem so bad. haha. I do plan to be fully thru phase 3 within 2 weeks though (5 days allotted to each phase). Once we hit phase 4, things seem like they'll be a lot more doable so I'm just mentally preparing myself for 2 weeks of broth. And hopefully I'll start seeing results soon that are motivating as well.

The Menu: lemon in room temperature water until 11am. (broth smoothies and yogurt for the kids). broth with fresh garlic and kraut juice. remaining cauliflower soup, squash soup, cooked carrots, boiled chicken. broth. steamed salmon and broccoli.

The Prep: cooked carrots and dinner but mostly it's a lot of heating up pre-made broth and soups. still have 3 crockpots of stock going 24/7 since we started. I feel like I'm finally gaining some ground there though - as in I have a decent supply of stock in the fridge ready to go. I'm almost ready to start freezing some of it. Almost. Still in a bit of broth scarcity since I started this thing without a buffer (not recommended).

Equipment comments: The thermoses I bought are indispensable. I send two with V to work and take one with me whenever we leave the house. Any time I hear the whines for snacks, I have broth to offer. And it's a nice pickmeup when I'm starting to feel tired while we're out. Also, I have decided that the size of my large pot is the limiting factor for my soup production. I could justify making 3 gallons of soup at a time and freezing a bunch of it if I had the facilities to do it that way. As it is, I can only do about a gallon at a time. I should maximize that with recipes I know we like and start making a freezer supply of soups rather than just broth. Because we're going to be eating a lot of soup over the next year. I'll probably wait until I can at least saute the onions in butter first though.

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