Friday, February 17, 2012

GAPS Weeks Three and Four Journal

We've had a lot going on the last few weeks and it's been interesting to see which things in the diet have fallen to the wayside and which things I've been able to keep up in the air.

I think the big difference is that we're eating much less interesting food. I haven't been menu planning really. I just buy a ton of produce and make sure we have some meat or fish option. I try to have seed crackers with dip (white bean hummus or guacamole) and grain free muffins on hand if possible. Reintroducing yogurt has been a big help for the Monkey. She's really not liking a lot of our food lately. Other than the fruit, of course. She would live on fruit if I let her.

Anyway, the picture above is a shot of my packed food for Disneyland. Since it's an all-day sort of affair, I wanted to have plenty of snacks to keep myself away from all of the vendors there. I did chicken salad lettuce wraps with avocado, boiled eggs, carrot coconut muffins, apples with peanut butter, nuts, celery, clementines, and dried apricots. We've been going more regularly lately and it's been good practice for me to come up with portable foods because...

We ended up going on a last minute trip with the whole family to Austin. I made a ton of muffins to take and packaged a bunch of apple chips and nut snacks and raisins in ziplocs. I also made some seed crackers with guacamole for our lunch on the plane. That's about all I had time for but it worked out surprisingly well.

Once we got there though, the diet kind of went out the window - and my body definitely felt the difference. I had already forgotten that my stomach used to hurt after I ate and that I'd get really uncomfortable at night if I didn't lie down flat for a while to let things 'settle'. I was also super tired but that was probably more related to staying up super late playing games. Which was awesome. The whole trip was awesome. I did miss my juicer though.

Since we've been home, we've been a lot better. But we did have my bday weekend to celebrate and that was not all gaps-legal for sure. It's actually been hard mentally to get back on the bandwagon after breaking the 'never' clause on sugar and white flour. But other than the few lapses, we are eating well again and I'm feeling good and continuing to lose weight. Though I do need more sleep. And on that note - goodnight.

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