Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Lobster

We don't like turkey. More accurately, I wasn't prepared to buy a heritage bird and normal turkey makes me sad. So I researched out what an authentic Thanksgiving might have looked like and we decided to go with lobster - at least plausible if not necessarily authentic. Plus, the real question is why have turkey when you can eat lobster?
Add lobster to salted water
Boil for 11 minutes. Ice bath 5 minutes.
Check youtube for shelling strategies.
It appears I was way too busy eating to take pictures of the finished plates but we dipped the lobster in garlic butter and served it with the aforementioned salad with maple dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, my sil's yam recipe sans marshmallows, and my sister HOF's brilliant turkey out of Bezian bread:

An unintended consequence of subbing the lobster for turkey was that it didn't take us all day long to make dinner. In fact, it took just over an hour after the yams were baked and we were even juggling kids. It made the day so much more relaxing to not be scheduling oven availability and timing everything perfectly just to have to keep everything warm because the turkey's not done yet. I will say that the lobster was really fun to do once but it is a lot of effort with the de-shelling and having them alive in the fridge and all - so we'll probably try crab next year. Or spring for the heritage bird. Who knows.

*Special thanks to HOF for flying out to be with us - and doing all of my dishes!*

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  1. My pleasure! I was skeptical to have a non-traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, but I think it worked out really well. And as much as I love to cook and eat delicious food, spending all day cooking I think takes away from the gratitude of the day. Thanks for giving me a new perspective.