Saturday, October 22, 2011

Risotto with Chard and Fried Okra

For some reason I was really excited about risotto last month. My first effort was a complete disaster - stir risotto - put the binky back in - stir risotto - comfort child with stubbed toe - stir risotto - put the binky back in. Seriously - disaster. Anyway it ended up tasting like rice-a-roni and the whole ordeal was pretty tragic.

Then I got a TON of okra in my csa box. Having no idea what to do with okra, I consulted epicurious and found this fantastic recipe. I made a vegetable broth to use instead of the chicken broth so that it wouldn't end up tasting like bullion again and we were both really happy with the results. And the okra really enhanced the dish.

Note: for future reference, I'd like to try a barley risotto either here or here. It's a way to use a whole grain for risotto. Honestly though, I don't think the result is worth the 45 min of hands-on cook time. At least not as a regular occurrence during my current stage of life.

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