Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise

Well, this has been several attempts in coming. I have made mayonnaise quite a few times in the last year and finally I have a success!

Go HERE for the recipe. Scroll down a bit on the link if you don't want to read the blog text.

I have never had a problem getting my mayo to emulsify. That seemed to be a common issue from comments on recipes. But they all just tasted horrible. The one difference this time was my oil choice. I just kept being stubborn and wanting to use olive oil. Olive oil just doesn't taste good in mayonnaise. I grant that I may be able to grow accustomed to the taste of olive oil mayo but it would probably involve using ridiculously expensive versions of the oil. I tried several recipes trying to hide that olive oil flavor and it just didn't work.

Anyway, I gave in and switched to grapeseed oil. Not nearly as healthy as olive oil but still WAY better than canola. So it's a concession. But I ended up with fabulous mayonnaise! I actually forgot it was the homemade version until I was halfway thru my tuna sandwich. And that's saying something. V also approved. And I do feel super cool for eliminating yet another condiment from my grocery list.

After making the mayo I said something about wishing I had ketchup to make some fish sauce for our homemade fishsticks. The Monkey said - we need to make some Mom. haha. That's my girl!

Update 8/20: I made this again using the cheaper Costco version of the grapeseed oil and it tastes nasty. I think the Costco version is not expeller pressed like the Trader Joe's version was. I guess I need to read my labels better. It was just such a good deal! No wonder :(

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