Thursday, March 11, 2010

Food Coops Rule - This is my food coop. I love it. You order at the beginning of the month and they deliver to 'team sites' around the valley at the end of the month. You can order a meat share, a produce share (or several), and then there are add-ons from local businesses. The nutty guy's samplers are a must have and I love being surprised by which veggies and fruits are delivered. It gives me a good chance to try new things and since I order a lot, it makes me get creative about how to use all of it up or preserve it for later. I've been really impressed with the quality and I like being involved in the effort.  - Though I'm not a member of this one, I've heard good things. They're out of Bountiful but do have a pick up site at the Daybreak firehouse. They deliver every other week at 7am there and charge $16.50 for a share of produce.

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