Monday, March 8, 2010

Blogs to Check Out  - Lets you pick your location and the store you want to shop at. Then it lists the deals for the week at that store with a 5* rating system (5*s means it's the best price it will ever be at that store) and gives you links to any online coupons that apply to the sale items. If you don't want to coupon at all, still go to this site to check what's on a killer sale at your favorite store before making your menu plans. They track the prices year round so it's a lot more helpful than the mailed ad you get from the store. - My favorite. I check it daily - sometimes more often. She posts multiple times a day and includes free things to do as well as online deals, cheap recipes, printable coupons and sale scenarios. - keokeo's blog on being frugal. - These guys have been doing it for a while and they're local. They have a lot of great resources here. - Also a local coupon blog. She's quoted a lot on other blogs as well so she knows her stuff. - This is a great food storage blog. It's also got some good tools for inventory help and ideas for using food storage in menu planning. - I highly recommend their book and here's their new website. - The national standard for coupon websites. - Lots of recipes for $5 or less. They're not all ones I'd like to eat but a lot of them are yummy and they're all cheap :) - Tons of ideas for redressing your leftovers. - Helping moms save money. - That recipe club that's free for 30 days and helps you print the shopping lists for your recipes and any others from the site that you choose. - The recipe club that plans menus for you and provides a shopping list. Costs $5 a month to join. - Tons of cheap recipes.

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