Friday, March 5, 2010

Cheap, Healthy Tips

·Shop less frequently (down to 1-2x/month)
·Plan a menu and shop with a list
·Use coupons, but only on things you normally buy
·Freeze and use leftovers
·Stock up during sales on things that last (a freezer helps with this)
·Have a well-stocked pantry and freezer so you don’t run to the store for one thing
·Know your prices – Costco or sales items are not usually cheaper than Winco
·Buy produce in season, or have a garden
·Cook from scratch as much as possible
·Keep frozen/easy foods on hand for nights you don’t want to cook
·Filter your own water instead of buying bottled
·Pack lunches for school and work
·Use less meat and other expensive ingredients in your menus
·Cook soups and breakfast for dinner
·Serve soup with whole wheat bread or biscuits
·Use brown rice instead of white
·Include legumes (red, black, or white beans, lentils, split peas, etc.)
·Include larger amounts of vegetables
·Eat before you shop
·Buy snack foods in large quantities and split them into Ziplocs yourself 
·Check your receipt before you leave the store
·Eat breakfast, but limit cold cereal - make hot cereal at least once a week
·Buy in bulk from the Church and use it
·Know what you have at home so you don’t buy it again
·Use your produce before it goes bad or freeze or preserve it for later
·Have your kids help cook – they’ll waste less food
·Buy directly from farmers

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