Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cupcakes - chocolate and vanilla

Dim kitchen picture but so be it. These actually turned really well. I feel like every time I want to make cupcakes, I'm looking for a new recipe. This time I think was a better success than last time so I'd like to be able to find these recipes again. Generally, I think I just prefer pie though. Cupcakes are just so sweet. And really The Boy just likes ice cream anyway. My kids keep wanting cupcakes for birthdays though. I think in their heads they really like them.

Chocolate Cupcakes are here.

Vanilla Cupcakes are here.

And I used this frosting.

It's so easy to make them from scratch. I really don't know why I keep thinking I want to use a box mix to simplify. It's really simple already - now that I don't have to keep hunting for a recipe.