Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful Turkey

I'm alive!!! case you were wondering. Also, we moved to Texas. And the baby is now crawling! Sheesh. Anyway, this is the thankful turkey craft we did this morning. It was very fun. It may become a tradition.

You can go here for actual instructions if you'd like. It's just a toilet paper roll glued onto two bowls that are glued together. Then you glue toothpicks between two papers for the feathers and stick them in the back of the turkey.

You can't see the other side of the bowl but the Monkey did the front and the Boy did the back. And then I spent 5 solid minutes sweeping all the little papers off the floor. Seriously, crafts are messy.

It was fun though. We started the turkey off with like 10 feathers and I have a bunch more we can add to it every day until Thanksgiving. Or whenever I remember. It was a good handwriting practice project and they had fun with the glitter glue on the feathers. Plus the gratitude part, of course.

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