Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Simple Frozen Yogurt

In my head, I'd like to be eliminating sugar in my diet. I'm totally not there yet in practice though. And I'm giving myself until I've had a full week of sleeping thru the night from my baby before I start trying in earnest. But in the meantime, I'm experimenting a bit. And this one was a success. For me and the kids anyway, V didn't really like it. He thought it was too tangy. 

1 container Nancy's whole milk plain yogurt
1 dropper full squirt of vanilla stevia
1/2 cup frozen raspberries, thawed and smashed with juice

Mix together. Turn on ice cream maker. Pour in. Process until frozen (mine took 20 minutes). Eat immediately. 

Notes: I did put the small amount of leftovers in the freezer and they froze solid - not like ice cream you can pull out and eat from the carton. It was still delicious when I gave it time to thaw before eating, but the texture was definitely better fresh. I don't think I can fix that with an amateur ice cream machine. Plus, this was easy enough, I don't mind making it fresh when I'm having a craving.

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