Monday, February 25, 2013

hair care

Acure Shampoo and Conditioner! I could not be more excited about these. I've tried a bunch of all-natural hair care options and these are by far the best that I've found. The shampoo actually foams, the conditioner actually conditions, and they're actually non-toxic. Also, they smell good.

I even put the ingredients into the skin deep database and they passed with flying colors. The shampoo is a 1 and the conditioner is a 2! I couldn't believe it. My local Whole Foods carries them for $8 each - so that's pretty much awesome. I've already stocked up.

For styling, I have low-maintenance curly hair so I use Beautiful Curls Curl Defining Gel (for wavy to curly hair) and once in a while, I'll use Giovanni mousse (skin deep profile here - except that it also contains fragrance). And that's literally it for my hair.

Other natural options of note that I've tried:
Beautiful Curls  - shampoo and conditioner worked really well for the first week but then my hair started feeling dirty/greasy and wouldn't get clean. (I do still love their curl gel though.)
Terraessentials - eww. Mud in my hair. No foam. No clean feeling. It was terrible.
Dr. Mercola brand - this one was vicarious from my sister but no foam and didn't feel clean.
USANA - I got the shampoo and conditioner and they foamed and totally worked. I thought it was too good to be true and sure enough, I did a skin deep profile on them and they were like 7-8 for toxicity! They even had 'fragrance' as an ingredient. Lame, lame, lame. And I paid like $45 for that stuff.


  1. My other favorite is BROO Craft Beer Shampoo (2) and Conditioner (1). Citrus Pale Ale flavor smells like orange rolls, but is a (4). I love them! I alternate with Acure, but Acure is a much better price and makes your hair soft and smelling like almonds!