Tuesday, February 12, 2013

dishwashing soap

This is what I use for washing dishes - SAL SUDS by Dr Bronner. It's super natural and still acts like dishsoap. I used to have it in a pump bottle at my sink but my new kitchen came equipped with a built-in pump - so now I just have to refill.

It doesn't solve the dishwasher detergent dilemma though. I experimented with a soap nut version a while ago but kind of gave up on finding something ultra natural after that. Now I just use Method. I get the packets because they're easier to put in quickly and shut the door fast when you've got an interested toddler on your heels. And it's a small pkg that doesn't take up much room in my upper cupboards. It's hard to imagine the day that I can use my lower cupboards for anything breakable or toxic again...

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