Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thanksgiving - a bit late

I know this is super late and all, but I just have to post our Thanksgiving meal for my records. This year we went with turkey (last year's lobster is here). We actually had a family outing to the farm and got to see the turkeys getting rounded up. It was very cool. My 18 month old even started saying 'gobble, gobble'. Anyway, we actually scored two local, pastured turkeys - one for a trial run and one for the real deal. V did a salt brine and roasted them in the oven.

The rest of the meal was divided up between my siblings and parents. We had 23 people to feed so everyone brought something. V made the pastured turkey and two cranberry chutneys (spicy and sweet), my dad make a smoked turkey in his kamado, I did the Bunny stuffing (with bacon), yams (recipe from my sil), beets, and mint and honey carrots. My brothers' families did the potatoes, gravy, pudding fruit salad, rolls, and pies. The pies deserve their own post but I didn't make them and didn't get any pictures. For the record, they were fabulous - we had like 8 flavors. Then my sister and mom did about a million dishes.

The turkey relish tray made it's appearance for dinner with crackers and leftover turkey with rolls (the real meal was served during the lunch hour). I was worried I'd need more options available for dinner with all of the kids but they were too busy playing to stop long for food.

And we had several meals of turkey sandwiches for leftovers. Dressed up with V's cranberry relish, goat cheese, farmer's market sourdough, and spinach, I didn't get sick of leftovers for a long time.

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