Saturday, January 26, 2013

diet update

Contrary to how the other posts look this month, we've actually been strict about our diets again since New Years. V is taking a work weight-loss competition seriously (weighing food and keeping spreadsheets), and I've cut out sugar and bread. I'm not actually cutting carbs, since I'm pregnant, but bread is just a gateway drug for me. We're doing big breakfasts with eggs, fresh juice, sometimes nitrate free bacon or sausage, sometimes oatmeal or sourdough waffles. Lunches are meat with veggies and dinners are smoothies (green or yogurt) with something (cottage cheese, crackers, muffins, modified cookies) or lentil soup (Greekdhal, or mujaddara). And we're going thru a ton of produce.

I've been making big food orders from Azure Standard to keep costs down (mostly on juicing and meats). We have a local coop I joined and a new Whole Foods in town to fill in the gaps. And my Dad regularly drops off wild trout within hours of it swimming in the lake - there are some serious perks to our recent move :)

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