Wednesday, October 24, 2012

musings while offline

menu planning

Just a heads up - I have not completely abandoned this blog. I just have had a few months of nausea with a new pregnancy (yay!) so I've been laying low and not trying out much new in the kitchen for a while (yes, we're off gaps while I'm pregnant). And now we're moving out of state. So... it will be another month or more before I'm up to cataloging my recipes and trying new things again.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to getting some beeswax from my sister's second honey harvest to experiment with at Thanksgiving. I want to try making some diaper cream and herbal salve with it. And maybe even some hard lotion bars if there's enough. I purchased some of the lotion last year and really enjoyed it.

And I'm excited to feel up to doing some homemade Christmas gifts - hopefully. If I get to it soon enough, I may actually make some vanilla extract this year (but with bourbon) - I've been meaning to for about 3 years in a row now. Or maybe I'll stick with the drink mixers I was so excited about - but never made - last year (just add sparkling water for a non-alcholic party drink). So many delicious choices!


  1. WHAT? When are you due? Congrats! I just asked Ghent if he knew and he said V forgot to mention it. Go figure. How did the Gaps diet work out anyway. I've been wanting to try it.

  2. Sad! I'm sorry! Yeah, due in April. I was really happy with the GAPS diet - I felt the best I've ever felt. Tons of energy after the intro phases. And I didn't ever feel terrible with those. It is a ton of work though so take your time ramping up and getting stuff ready before starting. Or just get yourself the book for Christmas :) I'm totally doing it again after I'm done nursing the new baby. V is going paleo in January so we'll all be cleaning up our diet again for that. I'll be supplementing oats and sourdough waffles and dairy at least for me and the kids. We'll see how it goes.