Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beet Chips

Go here for this recipe for beet chips. I found the recipe a while ago and felt up to destroying the kitchen tonight so I went for it. V entertained the kids nicely outside while I deep-fried in the kitchen. And then we had delicious burgers with chips for dinner.

Next time I would slice the beets a bit thicker. And prep fewer beets. Two beets would have been plenty for tonight and I sliced 5. I actually quit frying them after about 2.5 so I'm going to experiment with freezing some of the uncooked slices. If by some miracle they thaw and still fry up well, I could make this recipe more often. As it is, it's just too much prep and cook time for anything but special occasions with few eaters.

They were really good though. The sweetness of the beet really comes thru. I'm definitely making them again. I'm also interested to see how the leftovers keep for tomorrow. Yum. Yum.

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