Friday, May 18, 2012

Intro GAPS Day 10

Yay we made it thru day 10! My saving grace has been this menu plan. I just keep looking at it when I'm discouraged and thinking about how delicious something sounds that will be just a few days away. That's helped me a lot.

Also, I did the colonic this morning. And it was awesome. I feel a ton better. Not all the way better but it sounds like you need to do 3 within 10 days to jumpstart your system. So I've got another one scheduled for Tuesday and I'll do a third after that. I think I'm going to feel amazing when I'm done and it's a huge load off to not have to worry about being constipated for at least the next 10 days - which should take me to the point in the diet where I'm eating actual food again.

I'm definitely losing my interest in broth and soup right now. I need to try a new recipe to switch things up. Maybe the onion soup will be delicious but I'm not holding my breath since there will be no cheesy toast floating on the top.

I got some bad news today and totally wanted to throw things out the window and go out to eat. But I didn't. So I'm proud of myself. Honestly though, there's no way I'd actually do this 10 days again so I'm really happy I didn't fall off the bandwagon. We're getting really close to eating actual food again. Like by the end of next week I think. It will be much more manageable by then for sure.

A big part of this diet for me is reexamining my relationship with food - emotional eating, licking my fingers, finishing up the kid's last few bites, snacking, after dinner grazing - those are all just not happening right now. It always surprises me though when I start moving towards doing one of those things. It's just so engrained that I still have to catch myself in time to stop. Anyway, I'm glad I stayed home for boiled burgers, avocado, kraut, and steamed broccoli. My guts and future children will thank me.

And seriously, if I were starting Intro again, I'd set up the colonics ahead of time. I should have done it last week. It just sounded so scary. But it totally wasn't. It was just a relief. And the lady was super nice. Also, they had a health step so I bought one for our downstairs bathroom :)

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