Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GAPS Intro Starts Today

The day has finally arrived! We started the GAPS Intro diet this morning. I feel like I've been thinking about this day since Christmas when I read the book. Baby Boy is officially weaned so we're starting. I have to say, I thought I'd be more hungry and more in scarcity. I was completely terrified of broth for breakfast. But it wasn't bad at all. It was actually pretty good. That's probably just a sign of how much my body really needs healing. But I'm encouraged at least.

The kids are doing better than expected. Probably because the hunger and detox hasn't really started up yet. They're both napping right now (rare treat) and when they get up, I'm going to give them a detox bath and then some more broth.

I'm still feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing - waiting for the drama to ensue I guess - but so far it's been no big whoop. All 5 hours of it. haha.

The menu: sipped water on waking. cup of chicken broth with crushed fresh garlic. butternut squash soup (squash plus broth). broth. boiled to death broccoli. broth. cauliflower ragu soup. ginger tea.

The prep today: two crockpots of chicken stock going. one crockpot of beef shank broth going. made butternut squash soup. baking four kombucha squash. lots of waiting for the brita to filter water today.

I'm excited to see how things go. I'm planning 3-5 days of stage one. We'll probably do 3 days and then do a slow transition into stage 2. But we'll see how things go. I do feel a general sense of industriousness right now. As in, since I'm home tending my broth anyway, maybe I'll tackle the closet that needs to be organized. But then again, the kids are napping so I'll probably go lie down instead.

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