Monday, January 30, 2012

GAPS Week Two Journal

I'm getting really sick of doing so many dishes. I really don't like dishes anyway but there are just always soooo many dishes to do on this diet. That's my main gripe at the moment. Everything else seems a lot more manageable than last week. Not sure why though because not much has changed. I imagine it's the sugar and casein getting out of my system or something.

I kept my every other day lunch prep system with simple breakfasts and dinners. I still felt like I was going to the grocery store a ton and I ordered a bunch of specialty products online so that took more time on top of the produce runs. Having specialty items helps me feel like I'm doing more of the 'official' diet rather than my own made-up version though so that's good. I bought bio-kult, baby biotic, ghee, cod liver oil, and soapnut shampoo.

We're really happy with the results still. Energy is up and we feel really good. We really love juicing for breakfast. It is so delicious and feels so healthy. I'm down another 2 lbs and V is down another 4. The Boy's food reactions actually seem bigger than they used to be (redder rashes more often) so I'm excited to get him onto the Intro diet asap. My plan is to do that with him this week and then the rest of the family when I'm done nursing in June.

Guess I better go deal with some dishes...

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