Sunday, January 22, 2012

GAPS Week One Menu Plan

Rather than do a menu plan, I'm writing down what we actually end up eating. I think that will be more helpful to me in the long-run since I usually don't stick to my plan very well. And I'll add links in as I post the recipes.

B: carrot apple juice, fried eggs
L: chicken broth with carrot, celery and chicken (made fresh broth)
S: apples and celery with peanut butter
D: coriander tritip, green beans, greek salad

B: apple celery cabbage juice, boiled eggs
L: curry chicken lettuce wraps
S: crispy walnuts and cantaloupe
D: chicken broth with kale and chicken

B: carrot orange and carrot cucumber juices, boiled eggs
L: tritip, kobucha squash, bubbies kraut (made acorn squash here too)
S: asian pear and macadamia nuts
D: green pea ginger soup with nut muffins

B: carrot orange juice, applesauce with coconut cream and walnuts
L: chicken lettuce wraps with avocado (leftover)
S: apples and peanut butter, clementines, nut muffins (we were at Disneyland)
D: green pea ginger soup, coconut ice cream (leftover)

B: grapefruit juice (yuk!), apple cucumber and tangerine carrot juices, boiled eggs
L: tritip with kraut and acorn squash (leftovers - squash was not delicious)
S: asian pear
D: butternut squash saute with salmon and green beans

B: tangerine juice smoothies, boiled eggs
L: chicken salad lettuce wraps (new batch - doubled it)
S: carrots and peanut butter
D: chicken broth with kale, banana splits (made fresh broth)

B: tangerine juice smoothies with blueberries, boiled eggs
L: butternut squash soup
S: apples and peanut butter
D: mahimahi fishsticks (made triple to freeze) with mango avocado salsa, orange ginger basil soda

Notes: The general plan is to do fresh juices until 10 am and then have an egg. Lunch is meat with veggies and kraut. Snacks are fruit with nuts. Dinner is brothy soup.

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  1. I'm excited you got the Danish recipe into a more simplified format! M