Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Granola Bars

I've been making granola bars a lot lately. They're super easy to put together and one pan makes quite a few little bars. I eat one every morning between 4-5am so that I'm not completely starving when I get up for breakfast at 8am. 

The fantastic news is that the Boy slept thru the night last night! Hurrah! 9:30pm-5am. It was totally awesome. I was up nursing every 2.5 hours the night before so I totally wasn't expecting it. It was such a great surprise to wake up and realize I wasn't completely exhausted. Yay!

Go HERE for the recipe. I've previously made the soaked version. Which are delicious. But a lot more work. So with my current energy level, I'm happy doing the non-soaked kind cause they're just so darn easy to do. And about a billion times cheaper than store-bought. I think I'll make another batch to take with us on our trip. We leave this week to NC :)

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