Friday, May 20, 2011

Plastic Kid's Tablesettings

I read this post a few months ago about options for BPA-free kid's tableware. I've had it as a pretty low-priority on my list of au-natural lifestyle changes because there's only so much my brain - and budget - can handle at one time. But the other day at lunch I just had to take a picture of the Monkey's meal.

Organic tomato soup, grilled cheese on homemade organic wheat bread with organic butter and cheddar, organic raw whole milk. And all served in bpa-ridden, dyed plastic. It was pretty funny. And sad. And it bothered me enough that I'll probably do something about it soon. Not immediately, but soon.

I've mostly started just using our regular dishes with the Monkey as often as possible. We have had a broken plate already but she's generally very careful. And really, my plastic collection is not in great shape after just one child's usage. So my plan is just to toss the stuff I have over the next few months and probably buy a stainless steel set for the baby when it's time.

I do still need to figure out a sippy cup solution. The Monkey does great when sitting and focused at the table but that's not going to happen every time a drink is requested. And I have plastic cups for our every-day use water cups. Maybe I'll be switching to a stainless steel set for that too. I don't want to use glass all the time. Any ideas?


  1. Sorry, no ideas...but I do have an idea for your blog!! A search engine, so that way I can type in pasta and all your pasta dishes show up...or chicken, or zucchini. Mostly I am looking for a good zucchini recipe right now and don't have one, but I remember seeing one on your blog a while ago! :) Hope you are doing good! And hopefully you have that baby soon!

  2. Seriously - this baby needs to get out! But... you can search with the bar in the upper left corner of the blog. It's standard to blogspot I think but it only searches the blog you're on. I use it all the time cause I can never remember if I've posted a certain recipe or not :)

  3. doesn't tupperware do a safe one?
    Or there's always paper cups. :)
    they come with lids at McDonalds.
    Are you laughing yet?