Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

We had a fantastic weekend watching General Conference. The Monkey did really well and spent almost all of Saturday's sessions decorating her butcher paper-covered table with markers. She loved it. Today we made puppets of the First Presidency. They even got a podium to speak from. It was fun.

I try to make GenCon feel like a holiday with food traditions - probably because in my head all family traditions revolve around food. haha. Anyway, homemade Egg McMuffins are definitely on top of my list for GenCon food. I made them Saturday morning and they were fabulous.

This morning I went with decadent pancakes and I think they may fill the seat of my Sunday morning GenCon tradition. V made some vanilla creme (fancy pudding) and dulce de leche from scratch Saturday night so we topped the pancakes with a little of that, some blueberries, and some whipping cream. They were great. They'd also be fantastic with just maple syrup, blueberries, and whipping cream.

Because breakfast was so filling, we had crackers and cheese with fruit for lunch. That might make it into tradition as well because it's so easy with minimal cleanup after a messy breakfast.

Do you have GenCon food traditions?


  1. usually cinnamon rolls for Sun morning, made with girlfriends the night before while guys are at Priesthood session. Of course, we always use Fruit Loops or other unhealthy cereal to mark our Bingo cards later in the morning, so breakfast has been easy and light this year.

  2. and I'm going to need that vanilla creme recipe.

  3. oooh cinnamon rolls. Those sound fantastic. I may have to make those for Easter now :) And I'll get that vanilla creme posted. It's delicious.