Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dehydrated Garlic

Well, I have not posted in forever. Partly, because my diet has been less than stellar. I am pretty much completely indulgent while pregnant apparently. But I do still cook once in a while so I think the main problem is that all of my free-non-napping time seems to get sucked away by the game V got us back into for Christmas. While my blog may have suffered, my character is level 74 in just less than a month ;) haha.

Anyway, I do still once in a while do healthy-ish things in the kitchen. This is one of my new favorite tricks. I had bought a bunch of organic garlic from Azure Standard because it's way cheaper than at the store. The problem is that while we do go thru a lot of garlic, we just don't go thru enough of it to make it thru the whole bag before it rots. So once it starts to sprout and make me nervous, I put it in the dehydrator. It makes the house smell fantastic - or horrible, depending on your mood - for about 3 days. And then, when it's completely dry, I put it in the cupboard. I have some from about 4 months ago that still seems completely fine. I grind it with the mortar and pestle for the best tasting garlic powder ever.

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