Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jack-o-Lanterns vs Pie Pumpkins

Well, partly I just wanted to post the cool Jack-o-Lantern V carved. But I also wanted to share a link about whether or not you really need to buy the fancy pie pumpkins to bake with or if you can use the cheaper J-o-L versions. Here is the link. I haven't done the comparison myself but I thought she was very thorough. I did buy a pie pumpkin to make my pie with but only because I was only going to do one and it sounded fun. If I were going to freeze a bunch of pureed pumpkin, I would totally go with the cheaper ones. If only I had more freezer space! Unfortunately, canning pumpkin at home is not recommended. So I'll just dream of that chest freezer for next harvest season and enjoy my pie for now.

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  1. Thanks for this post-- I have a big pumpkin that I've been hoping I can use for baking-- I'm going to try it!