Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three tomatoes

My first garden was pretty much a flop. The pots started growing mold and it took me a while to figure out that our balcony just doesn't get much sun. I also learned that I need to water in the morning here instead of at night like they tell you to in Utah.

Mysterious caterpillars ate the salad garden in under two days before I even knew they were there (we're on the third floor for Pete's sake!). After that, I got lazy about watering so that hampered growth potential as well. Somehow our tomato plant managed to produce three pretty, red tomatoes and they were even delicious. The second round of rosemary is going strong and the thyme hasn't died yet so they're keeping my gardening hopes alive for now.

The good news is that I already have the soil and containers set up so I can replant for winter since it's so warm here. And I definitely know a bit more about gardening now than I did in April. A small bit. Kale is supposed to be pretty hardy and I hear peas like the shade...

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  1. It looks like your garden did every bit as well as mine did last year (my first year). Herbs are the easiest and most price effective things to grow anyway. I love my basil and rosemary. A spider keeps trying to live in my rosemary, though. I guess you can dust for those caterpillars, but I think the problem is just what you had. They will kill a whole plant overnight so you are lucky you got any tomatoes at all! I need to get planting my winter crop too!