Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soaked Granola Bars

These are delicious. Go HERE for the recipe. It's actually a preview recipe of an ebook on healthy snacks that you can buy here if you want to. Also, the non-soaked recipe is here. Phew. Ok, I took a billion pictures of this process since they take forever to make so I'm going to do a picture tutorial even though I'm not listing the recipe since it's not mine.

Step one is soaking and then dehydrating the oats. Soak 6 cups oats, 2 cups water, 2 TB whey and 1/3 cup wheat for one batch of granola bars. After soaking overnight, I actually chopped mine up because they weren't being cooperative spreading out.

They take 2-3 days to dehydrate in my machine. Around the 2nd day, I'm telling myself these better be seriously delicious for all the effort they take to make. They are - keep going. When dry, food process into small chunks.

Step three is to make the syrup out of honey, butter and vanilla. Because I invariably get distracted anytime I have important things on the stove, my syrup bubbled at least 5-7 minutes rather than the recommended 3 both times I've made it. No big whoop.

Pour syrup into oats, then stir in add-ins. I use coconut, raisins and soaked walnuts or pecans.

Bake at 325' for 10 minutes and remove even though they look like they could use more time. Score when warm. Cool completely. Cut and wrap individually. Store anything that won't be eaten within a week or so in the freezer. This will be nothing unless you've made more than one batch. Speaking of, I highly recommend making at least a double batch of these since they take so long. They're not hard, they just take like four or five days with all the soaking and dehydrating and cooling after baking.

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