Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farmer's Market

This is what we got at the Torrance Farmer's Market today - four dozen eggs, tons of grapes, mushrooms for pizza, peaches, avocados, corn, green onions, basil, romaine, rainbow chard, and two big bunches of spinach. $40 for everything. The eggs and mushrooms were $15 total, so if you take those out, you can compare it with my $25 csa pictures. I definitely get more produce from the market than the csa bag. It's not all organic though, so it may still be about even. I'm not sure. The Monkey did not do very well at the market today. She just wants to eat all the fruit she sees. Poor thing.

The eggs are my main point of going there. $3.25/doz for extra large eggs from cage free chickens that eat bugs. Most of the 'cage free' egg brands I've found in stores around here are labeled vegetarian fed. I've looked up at least three different brands online to figure out if they eat bugs and the websites read like they're in large hen houses with no 'cages' rather than roaming around eating bugs in grass. Plus, they're more like $5/doz in the store. So I'll be driving to Torrance at least once a month for my eggs.

We made a quick lunch when we got home from the market. Spinach salad with goat cheese, flax seeds and poppyseed dressing. Avocado toast. Grapes. And some Irish Cheddar.

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