Saturday, September 18, 2010


V has been wanting burgers ever since we got the September issue of Bon Appetit. I wanted them to be 'real food' style so it took a while to get all the components lined up. Over the last week, I made the sourdough buns, lacto-fermented mayonnaise and made fancy ketchup. I found some up-to-snuff pickles at Whole Foods and we used grass-fed beef and Dubliner cheddar.

Tonight, V added sea salt and freshly ground pepper to the beef, rounded them into balls and patted them out flat just before putting them in a hot, buttered pan. I sauted some onions with butter, made oven fries with coconut oil and sea salt, mixed up some fry sauce with mayo, ketchup and pickle juice, and toasted the buns. Dinner was delicious!

Notes for next time: make sure the hamburger balls are really cold so the patty stays together and keep the pan on high for more char-effect. The onions were totally worth the effort as was cutting the potatoes into fry-shape. For some reason, potato sticks are way more fry-like than square homefries even though they're the same thing.

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