Friday, August 20, 2010


Sprouts is a natural food store that recently opened near my house. I go there for my last-minute sundries. I try not to have those but they just don't seem to ever go away entirely. I also buy my vitamin supplements and organic milk for making yogurt with there. We've started taking cod liver oil capsules and a multi-vitamin in the mornings. The monkey loves getting her 'i-mins'.

If you're in the SLC area, the Sunflower Market is very similar to Sprouts.

Update 9/26: I randomly read the label on my Sprouts milk and found out they add milk solids (powdered milk) to the fresh milk. Gah. It really hadn't occurred to me I needed to read the label on my organic milk! I've since switched over to Clover Dairy Organic milk for my pasteurized milk needs. It's the only non-ultra-pasteurized milk I've found so far without milk solids added. I had no idea that was so prevalent. I buy it at Whole Foods.

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