Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CSA California

I've started using csacalifornia again. We just eat a lot more produce when I get a csa bag instead of trying to buy my everything at the farmer's market. Even if it's a bit more expensive and has a middleman, it is all organic and local and farm fresh. Oh, and the pickup is convenient. 

The above picture was the bag from two weeks ago. We had the potatoes and corn with potroast, zucchini in eggs, kale stir-fried with salmon cakes and brown rice, and the broccoli's still sitting around waiting to go into soup. Sad. But the fruit isn't too hard to get rid of around here.

This is the bag from last week for a comparison. I've used some of the heirloom tomatoes on salad but I still have some sitting around. The ripe avocado was eaten quickly but the other two are still on the counter ripening. The lettuce went quickly, the carrots are still waiting for me to chop them up into mirepoix, and I found a recipe for sauerkraut today that I'm going to try out on the cabbage. I'll probably use the leeks in mirepoix too - because the potato leek soup I made with the last round was just awful. I made quiche with the spinach and I really appreciated the apples as a portable toddler treat. They're the first of the season. I actually didn't like the fresh figs at all so I'm going to stick them in the dehydrator and see if I like them better. I've also got a bunch of fresh garlic that I'm not going thru fast enough so I need to dehydrate that too - just not at the same time. Sounds like I've got some preservation work to do before my next bag comes this week.

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