Friday, August 20, 2010

Coconut Oil

I've decided to use a lot more coconut oil in our diet after reading "Eat Fat, Lose Fat". It's been really easy to substitute in for pretty much anything. I bought this 5 gal container from Tropical Traditions online. Not local and delivered in the mail, but it should last us for a long time and is cheaper than organic butter. I tried out their Gold Label stuff first but we didn't like the coconut flavor permeating all of our dishes. This has much less flavor and was way cheaper. I didn't bother getting organic because coconuts are a low-spray crop and I trusted the company based on what I'd read to use high quality ingredients.


  1. impressed but slightly disturbed by 5 gallons of oil!

  2. haha. yeah, I'm really curious to find out how long it will last us.