Saturday, July 17, 2010

Salad from my Garden!

This is the first 'harvest' from my first-ever garden. Really, I just had to thin the lettuce, but I was pretty excited about it. I planted some tubs of dirt on my patio and have tried to keep really low expectations for yield since I'm a novice. Anyway, getting a salad of greens that I grew from seed seems completely magic to me. It was exciting. We had it with the balsamic vinaigrette using white balsamic vinegar. Nature amazes me.


  1. Just wondering if you like the new CSA? I'm considering joining and would like to chat about your experience.

  2. I am actually doing all my produce shopping at the Farmer's Market these days. I did like the quality and variety of CSA California but I feel like I get more bang for my buck if I do it myself at the FM because I'm getting exactly what my menu plan called for instead of trying to use all of the produce up before the next week. Also, I don't buy all organic when I'm at the FM. I feel like pesticide-free is good enough in general. So, I'm not sure that I'd be saving money if I bought all the same stuff they'd deliver, organically at the FM.

    My only real complaint about CSA California is that they're essentially a delivery service. They function as a middle man because they use several different farms. Philosophically, I'd rather give my money directly to the farmer. It took some of my excitement about being in a csa away when I realized I wasn't dealing directly with a farm.

    I have also tried South Central Farmer's coop ( They give you a ton of food for the price and the pickup was close to my house. But it's all veggies except during melon season and I found I was spending a lot extra buying fruit at the FM each weekend. We did eat a lot better when I had so much kale to use up though so I may go back with them this winter.

    Mostly, I decided I was going to the FM every week anyway for our raw milk pickup so I thought I may as well just do all of my grocery shopping there. Since we have a two year old, it gets pretty hectic trying to get my full shopping list at the FM so I'm not completely happy with the routine, but it's working for now. I would eventually like to find a csa that works for what we like to eat and that I can get behind philosophically but I haven't found it in my price range yet.

    I have been impressed with Tierra Miguel ( My friend got a sample box from them last month. They practice biodiversity and have fruit and veggies in their csa. But it's not enough to get us thru a week. I'd have to buy two boxes worth to make it and I'm not wanting to spend $50 a week on produce.

    Hope this helped. I'd love to know what you end up doing and how it works out.

  3. Update: I'm signing up for csaca again. I want to experiment with a no-menu plan month. We'll see how it goes.