Monday, June 21, 2010

Black Bean Brownies

I found this recipe online last week and now I can't stop making brownies. It's a problem. They're delicious. And they're even pretty healthy. Seriously. Just try the recipe. They're not just yummy for health food. They're actually really good.

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  1. I agree - they're not just yummy for health food. I did make it with "normal" foods like Smart Balance instead of oil and semi-sweet chips. My husband suggested putting the nuts on top during the last few minutes of cooking instead of mixing them in as they were a little rubbery, and always made me wonder if I was eating a whole bean.
    I recommend eating with ice cream - then you really cant tell a difference from other brownies.
    Also, these are great because they actually leave you satisfied after one or two instead of wanting to eat the whole pan!