Saturday, May 1, 2010

Strawberry Jam

So I've been making Jam. It's the first time I've ever done it for real - not the freezer version - all by myself. This is mostly because I finally made the leap to getting my own canner. I also went with a no sugar version (honey only) and it actually turned out great. I've had problems with it setting up in the past. I read online to add a little more no-sugar pectin than the package insert calls for. I was really happy with the results. And now we've got 24 pints of Strawberry Jam - hopefully that will last us until the strawberries come back next year - or at least until the raspberries show up :)

For an 8 pint batch:
10 1/2 cups mashed berries (about 1/2 a flat or 6-1lb containers)
2 1/2 cups organic, unfiltered apple juice
3 boxes no-sugar Ball pectin
2 cups honey (probably could use less next time)

Follow the instructions in the package for cooking and processing. The basic idea is that you cook all but the honey until it comes to a hard boil. Then add the honey and bring back to a hard boil for 3 minutes. Then pour in your sterilized jars and process 10 minutes (or more depending on altitude).


  1. Can you use frozen strawberries for this, or will it be too runny?

  2. I'm really no jam expert but my experience with using frozen berries has not been good. If that's your only good option, I don't think it would hurt anything to just add some extra pectin if you're using frozen strawberries since the original uses more than the package says to use anyway.