Monday, May 17, 2010

Collard Greens

I finally made a batch of collard greens. I've shy'd away from them for a long time, but I got a ton of collards in my csa box, so it was time. I used the recipe linked below from Paula Dean with a few cheats. I walked thru my grocery store's meat section and did not find any ham hocks. I'm honestly not entirely sure I would recognize them even if they were there tho. So I subbed bacon. Since I didn't think boiling bacon was a good idea (as you boil the ham hocks in the water in the recipe), I just poured some liquid smoke in the boiling water and added the greens about 10 minutes later. I fried the bacon separately and sauted them together for a bit before serving. Obviously, what I made didn't taste a lot like the original recipe but I think it still worked. They were a bit spicy for me but the texture was definitely successful. I'd add more bacon next time. Um, bacon.

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